O’Hara Wealth

At O’Hara Wealth, our mission is to help our clients make wise financial and investment decisions by providing professional and personalized service. We accomplish this mission by offering holistic, comprehensive advisory services to help clients prioritize and attain their life goals.

Our purpose is to help our clients plan their financial affairs in an effective and efficient way. We place the highest emphasis on preservation of capital. However, we understand that we must also obtain the necessary returns required to meet a client’s financial objectives.

O’Hara Wealth was founded with the mission of providing our clients long-term, value-added financial counsel and investment performance with exceptional, one-on-one service. We are committed to providing our clients with a superior level of personalized service as well as education designed to further their understanding of our financial and investment strategies. We will work alongside you to establish and implement your long term financial plan.

We believe in taking a broad and holistic approach to financial advising. We evaluate the entirety of a client’s financial situation as we devise a financial plan for them. In our experience the best financial solution for a given client is based heavily on their unique circumstances.

When we take you on as a client, we will conduct an individualized analysis to better understand your current situation and -based on that analysis- provide you with specific recommendations as to which paths to follow. We believe that it is important to present you with multiple options in order to allow you to develop a truly cohesive plan—one that is designed to achieve your lifelong financial goals. We find that the best financial decisions are made –and the best outcomes achieved- after a client is informed of all possible options.

We believe with responsible decisions, reasonable expectations, and vigilant, attentive counsel each client can achieve their financial life goals. O’Hara Wealth exists for this mission and for this purpose.

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